New Moon Healing Circle

Rebirth, Manifestation, Moving Forward
Free Monthly Group Energy Healing Circles to Move Forwards With Self-Healing, Harnessing the Rejuvenating Energy of the New Moon, a time to set your intention and consciously fuel it as we move into the lunar month ahead.

The New Moon circle will join together on New Moon night at 8pm UK time, 4pm EST and 12noon PST.  
Joining links will be sent to you (check your bulk mail).

Thank you Dr Sam and Everyone, so lovely to get together and open to the New! Celebration in all ways! 
I’ve had congestion in my third eye and crown - so glad for this meditation to release!
Are you looking for a way out of stress and anxiety to finally get that sense of relief and peace you’re looking for?

The time of the New Moon every month is powerfully charged time for setting your intentions. It always carries the energy of initiation, ignition, renewal as it is the start of the lunar cycle. 
We can work together with this energy and the nuances it presents us with every month, harmonising with this natural cycle to surf the natural waves of energy that present themselves.

Ask yourself:
Are you ready to step forwards and live in greater harmony with the energetic cycles of nature?

Do you want to explore how to create your anchor of inner peace in this chaotic world? 

Do you want to use the energy New Moon to propel you forward into a new chapter of embodied awareness, creativity, self-love, and trust?

If the answer is a resounding YES!
Click to secure your place at the New Moon Healing Circle (free spaces are limited).

Join a group of like hearts and minds, leveraging the power of the collective energy field to receive Soul Focused Energy healing to recharge and rebalance for the lunar month and astrological year ahead.
..stepping out of the shadows - no more hiding - yes it feels good to hear that! 
Lovely meditation tonight - in presence there is awe
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Spaces are limited

  • New Moons 2023/24 Astro Year
  • ​March 21st: Aries
  • April 20th: Aries
  • May 19th: Taurus
  • ​June 18th: Gemini
  • ​July 17th: Cancer
  • ​August 16th: Leo
  • ​September 15th: Virgo
  • ​October 14th: Libra
  • ​November 13th : Scorpio
  • ​December 12th: Sagittarius